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We invite you to ANUGA Food Fair in Cologne!
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in Poznań 12-15.09.2011
in Koln – Germany 8-12.10.2011

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Cottage cheese light 500g

Grand Prix 2010 for Łowickie

For the third time our “łowickie” brand won gold badge Consumers Laurel 2010 and highest award in competition – GRAND PRIX 2010. We have won that honorable award thanks to your assessment.




During Polagra Food Fair 2010 District Cooperative Dairy Plant in Łowicz reported to assess two products for consumer rating: cottage cheese 150g and buttermilk stracciatella 1 liter.

Following elements were judged: packaging, aesthetics, colors, size and information on the packaging, smell, consistency, taste. As well as - price level, consumers satisfaction, declared purchase frequency.

Both products got high scoring and were awarded with Super Product of Year 2010 award. Winning that competition is the great distinction presented by our consumers – THANK YOU VERY MUCH.


Product on the medal – Olsztyn may 2010

XXII National Assessment of Cheeses, Cottage cheeses, Dairy New Products

5 awards for Cooperative Dairy Plant in Łowicz:

- Gouda cheese in block circa.3kg - dutch cheeses
- Łowicz Salami cheese 150g - poured cheeses
- Semi-skimmed cottage cheese 1/3kg Łowicki 350g - cottage cheeses produced using the traditional method
- Cottage cheese Łowicz 150g - cottage grainy cheeses
- Fellada 45% Łowicz 1kg - rest of cottage cheeses

District Cooperative Dairy Plant in Łowicz competed with other well-known cooperatives. Winning so many awards proved high quality of our products.


Cottage cheese from Łowicz best in the UK

Gold Award for cottage cheese from Łowicz during the Nantwich Show – the most important agricultural exhibition in UK.

Nantwich International Cheese Show – the biggest and most important competition and cheeses, cottage cheeses exhibition in Europe. During two days, 27-28 July 2010 on over 400 stands different dairy products were presented. More than 3230 products from 24 countries in 300 categories were reported to the competition. Among them, as one of the winners, cottage cheese from Łowicz – Klinek Fat 250g produced in Dairy Cooperative in Toruń. Gold Award in such prestigious competition is great success of our company.